Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain- Vault Hill

Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain are now buzzword but there is still little understanding. We have discussed with Jimi Daodu, the founder and CEO of Vault Hill an innovative startup. Their work? Creating “the first extended reality blockchain-based metaverse”,

Sustainable Web with Wholegrain Digital

For the third article in our series we talk with Tom Greenwood, co-founder and managing director of Wholegrain Digital, a digital design company. Their mission? Create the best websites in the world, use our business as a force for good, and help to accelerate the shift to an Internet that’s good for people and planet.

Carbon Token Reward System -Winner of Said Business School Hackathon 2022

Last month I was involved in the Said Business School, University of Oxford Hackathion 2022. the challenge was Making COP26 deliver. Several teams partecipated from leading business school, Oxford, Cambridge Judge, London Business School and Warwick Business School.

Change, innovation and entrepreneurship

Together with the successful podcast, The Sustainability Journey, ( I am starting a new series of articles focusing on interesting startups, talking about change, innovation and entrepreneurship. Meeting change makers around the world providing solutions to business, environmental and social challenges.