Why another podcast? There are millions of them…the answer? I felt there was a lot of talk around the topic of sustainability. I wanted to respond to the worries of many people for our planet. And the need for change. So I crafted a journey together. I wanted changemakers worldwide to share their views and solutions and be Diverse, Inclusive, and Open. And The Sustainability Journey Podcast was born to help people learn, connect and look at the transformations needed and holistic dimensions of the greatest challenge of our times. I am here to serve you. Happy listening.

About Me

Samuele Tini is a sustainability, development expert and the host of The Sustainability Journey Podcast. Through his work, he connects a diverse range of experts, changemakers, and innovators working in environmental conservation and developmental efforts to help bring ecosystem restoration and improve the lives of those below the poverty line. He also has a strong record in the creation and mentoring of MSME, with a particular focus on B Corps. He has worked for over 16 years in grassroots efforts across 5 African countries to craft, fund, and implement projects that impacted thousands of lives, with the creation of SMEs, reforestation, carbon emission reduction at the household level.

His work is often made possible with projects funded by several agencies, from EU to National government ones. He has authored several papers on development and sustainability. He holds a degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences from the University of Turin and is an MBA candidate at Warwick Business School. His research is on social enterprises and B Corps. He is a Board member of the B Academics.